Focus Hypnotherapy | Neurocounselling – A Manual for Practitioners by Katina Gleeson
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Neurocounselling – A Manual for Practitioners by Katina Gleeson

I have just completed reading your book. Katina, this is why you are my mentor! I loved it. It was succinct, not too heavy on terminology, and it is full of useful nuggets of information. The neuroscience chapters are concise, direct and relevant to all practitioners, and above all else easy to understand and use and incorporate into everyday practice.

This book to me was a concise summary and reminder of every skill I should be employing. This is definitely a book I will be recommending to colleagues.

MICHELLE GROVER, DipCounselling; BPsych (Hons I); DClinPsych(Clin/Neuro)


Neurocounselling: A Manual for Practitioners by Katina Gleeson
AUD $29 (+$6 postage)


Communication is a fundamental consideration for wellness practitioners in supporting clients on their journey to achieving life-enhancing changes. If you have tried to help someone change their thinking or behaviour, you have quickly discovered that simply telling them what to do most often doesn’t work, and leaves you both feeling frustrated and confused.


This book explores a range of ideas and approaches aimed at alleviating this frustration and confusion. Ideas about different counselling theories and communication skills, concepts from neuroscience, the factors that support change, the importance of understanding ourselves in order to build stronger therapeutic relationships. The theme at the heart of all these ideas is the central role of good communication in supporting positive change.