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About Hypnosis Therapy Brisbane

The real significance of therapy during hypnosis is that healing and emotional change are experienced while in the hypnotic state. This is when the mind is most open and receptive to suggestions like the ones received during ‘quit smoking hypnosis’ or ‘weight loss hypnosis’.Our clinical hypnosis therapy program in Brisbane, can help with behavioural, habitual or emotional change through hypnosis and can help interrupt old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs. This can be used for issues like self-esteem, reducing anxiety, eliminating phobias, pain relief, dealing with the fear of public speaking, and putting an end to habits such as nail-biting.  Amongst the most common issues are also weight loss or trying to quit smoking. Hypnosis that is practiced by a qualified hypnotherapist in Brisbane for example, also provides the unique opportunity to access the body’s biological processes which are not normally accessible through normal consciousness. This means hypnosis can actually influence physical symptoms and conditions.

The range of issues people have come to see me for help as a hypnotherapist have included:

  • Anxiety, self-esteem & confidence
  • Fears & phobias
  • Stress relief
  • Weight loss Hypnosis
  • Quit Smoking Hypnosis
  • Alcohol & substance dependency
  • Control and management of pain
  • Depression
  • Bed Wetting (enuresis)
  • Soiling
  • Physical symptoms

Hypnotherapy and children

There have been numerous studies which show that children can be easier to hypnotise than adults and that therapy through hypnosis can be helpful with childhood behavioural and physical issues as identified above.

– Focus Hypnotherapy, Brisbane

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