Focus Hypnotherapy | Therapist Supervision
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Therapist Supervision


Confidence & Clarity

Ongoing professional supervision is a mandatory requirement for practicing members of most Incorporated Associations of therapeutic modalities. The role of a supervisor is to help provide clarity and insight around your therapeutic practice, to support your own health and wellbeing as it relates to your work, and to help you be the best practitioner you can be.

Katina is an experienced Mentor and Supervisor working with Counsellors, Social Workers as well as Hypnotherapists. She is an approved supervisor for the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association and the Australian Counselling Association. She specialises in strengths-based practice and enhancing the therapeutic alliance.


Katina Gleeson one-on-one Supervision can involve:

  • Debriefing opportunities so you don’t carry your clients’ problems with you;
  • Discussion of cases: advice, reminders, ideas on how to proceed;
  • Guided self-evaluation of practice: are you doing your best for each client?
  • Revision of practice: are there skills you could add/tools you have forgotten to implement/techniques that are not providing your clients with results?
  • Accountability: An opportunity for you to maintain consistency in your self-reflective practices.


Group Supervision with Katina can be:

  • All of the above;
  • An opportunity to learn from your peers’ experience;
  • A space to share or gain ideas on how to run a practice, including marketing, business tools & equipment, personal recommendations, etc.
  • An opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your colleagues.


Group sessions are limited to 6 participants, and a schedule for discussion is provided prior to each session. A call-out for topics will be made in the week immediately following each session. Specific requests for discussion will be accommodated as far as possible.

Sessions are conducted in Webinar/Web call (eg, Skype, Hangouts) format, with in-person gatherings twice a year.


Group sessions run for 1 hour, once a month beginning April. A 6-month commitment is required in order to maintain continuity, and to allow for relationships amongst peers to develop. Fee on application.


One-on-one sessions are arranged privately with Katina, at a mutually-agreed upon date and time, and are conducted via Skype/FaceTime. Commitment to 6 sessions is required to secure Katina as your personal Supervisor. One-on-one supervision includes email support (limited to 3 email/month). Fee on application.