Focus Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Workshops 2019
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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Workshops 2019

Feb 2019: Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious


Have you ever wondered about hypnosis, what it is and how it works?


Perhaps you’ve had an experience of hypnosis and you want to learn to do it yourself – for yourself and for others. If so, this workshop is for you.


In this one day workshop you’ll learn a little bit of the history of hypnosis, you will discover the fundamentals of how to access the state of trance, and go through some exercises under supervision to build your confidence so that you can help yourself and help others.


It will also give you a good introduction to the study of hypnotherapy, and an opportunity to discover if practitioner training is going to be right for you.


WHERE: North Lakes Community Centre – Boardroom – 10 The Corso, North Lakes

WHEN: Sunday February 17th, 2019.  10am – 3.30pm

PRICE: $50 per attendee, including morning & afternoon tea


Places are limited, so please book early to avoid missing out! TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK